Karting in Bournemouth

28 Jan 2009

Bournemouth has been rapidly reinvented as a holiday and party destination over the years. With 6 miles of beaches on the south coast it's no wonder people flock to this place in the summer. It used to be dominated by retirees looking for the quiet life, but with the emergence of the University, unfortunately for them and thankfully for us, all that had been set to change. Cue a buzzing nightlife, activity centres cropping up for quad biking, paintballing, golf, football, clays, karting. You think of it, Bournemouth can offer it. As well as being a great place to party with some top clubs like Elements, Bournemouth has been as the happiest place in Britain according to a First Direct survey, and also the safest place in the UK as of August 2008.

So what does this mean for you when you're looking for a great value karting stag weekend in Bournemouth? It means the fun is there for the taking because not only is the location great, but the people are fun, down to earth and ready to party.

Karting is a perfect choice if you're looking for thrilling competitive action. Nothing revs the adrenaline like taking these nippy karts around an indoor track and what a location we have if you're looking for karting in Bournemouth for your stag weekend. We've teamed up with some top venues to make sure your karting experience is filled with twists, turns, and you may even be lucky enough to hit a top speed of 50mph as you're racing around in these fantastic machines with durable tyres and lightweight racing chasses.

Karting is thought to be the most economic motorsport and popular karting tournaments are held all over the word including the USA, UK and Australia. License racing is allowed for anyone over the age of 8. There are different types of racing formats and you might copy some of these on your stag weekend. The most common are sprint, where speed and successful passing are important; endurance, which depends on dependability and strategy rather than pure speed; and speedway, which normally takes place on an oval track with two straits and four corners. You'll get to do enough laps to pretend that you're a professional as you race towards that chequered flag! As one of the most asked for events for a stag weekend in Bournemouth you're sure to have a good time.


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