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Can Cleaning Crap be more Fun than Boobs?

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Finally your best mate, the everlasting bachelor is getting hitched. You’ve waited years to be asked and eventually you get the crown of Best Man – which really only means organising the best Stag do known to man or beast – and perhaps involving a bit of both.

There isn’t actually a crown to wear, but when no-one’s looking you do the Best Man strut around your living room and day dream about the long weekend of anything goes routine with high action sports, day time drinking, good grub, afternoon drinking, curry, lap dancing, night time drinking, casino more club, more lap dancing, never ending drinking. It takes you a beer or three to do the planning but after a few phone calls to the Stag Company you arrange an awesome weekend and are actually thinking about looking up old episodes of Blue Peter to see if, as well as that shit excuse for Tracy Island, they ever made a Best Man crown…

How disappointed would you be then, if your groom turns out to be the only man in the country that doesn’t think drinking for 18 hours and looking at boobies isn’t the most awesome way to spend if not every day then at the very least the messiest weekend of your single life?

Because that’s what one Best Man was faced with when he found out the groom to be, more than anything in the whole wide world, wanted to spend his stag weekend cleaning shit at a community centre.

Diplomatically, when interviewed by a local paper who were no doubt as shocked as we were, Best Man managed to utter “We thought it would be a good idea…we really wanted to give something back” as he quickly removed from his head some form of hat made from a combination of egg cartons and a  mass of sticky back plastic.

Sounds like bollocks to me, and as for giving back to a community on a great stag weekend, this usually extends as far as giving back the curry from the night before to the porcelain bottom of the hotel toilet.

Best Man had ditched the ideas of go-karting and paintballing (fool! Goddamn fool!) and found a lovely community centre that needed graffiti rubbed off its walls.

Best Man also commented that he was adamant that the all the lads had absolutely loved spending their time pretending they had committed petty offences and had been sentenced to 16 hours of community service in the pissing cold.

The Stag Company won’t be offering the “community service package” any time soon but if you want to have an awesome weekend of drink and fun, then you should certainly give us a call.