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Spotlight on Newquay Stag Dos

Tucked away on the Cornish coast, where the beaches are beautiful and the women more beautiful and the night life is second to none, there is s a little spot known as Newquay. Newquay comes into its own during the summer where people descend en masse to bump up the town's population to a whopping 100,000! If that wasn't an indication that there's something there worth checking out then we don't know what is. Newquay is a brilliant stag weekend destination; the sort of place where if the weather's good, you feel like you're abroad somewhere. It truly is a place to get away from it all and have a good time on your stag weekend and here are some of the highlights about this coastal town.

How to get there

Newquay does have a train station with access to Paddington and the Midlands, or you can get there by car, however you might also want to check out flights to Newquay with it being tucked away in the bottom of the country. Gatwick has plenty of cheap direct flights if you book in advance that only take an hour, making it the perfect travelling time to what would otherwise might take you a fair few hours. Even if you are making a long journey out of it though, the destination is worth it.

What to do:

Newquay packages are all about getting out into the open air and putting a bit of adventure into your stag weekend. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and landscapes and consider booking the following popular packages:

Surfing: Those killer beaches and waves were meant for you and your friends to get out there and become kings of surfing. Whether you're a novice or absolute beginner, you'll enjoy our surfing package complete with lesson and time to practice what you've learned.

Coasteering: For something completely different why not take to the rugged landscape of Newquay on your stag weekend and try your hand at a combination of swimming, jumping and caving. This is definitely not an experience that you will have chance to try just anywhere.

Golf: perhaps it's not action and adventure, but it is brilliant down in Newquay. Explore the wonderful countryside as you stroll along the fairway with your mates.

Where to drink:

Newquay has a nightlife that appeals to stag and hen parties and is growing in popularity each year. Well known DJs often come to play at the popular nightclub "Berties" and "Sailors" which are great for a laugh and always attract a fun time crowd. Along Cliff Road by the train station you can expect to find the usual suspects of station boozers like the Wetherspoons, the Barracuda Bar and the Griffin, all waiting to greet you as you step into the town for your stag weekend!

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