My Experience: Off-Roading, Quads and Clays in Brighton

17 Aug 2009

For my stag do, the guys had planned a full day of activities with off-roading, quad biking and clay pigeon shooting. If you've got the time to do all three, I totally recommend it. In a nutshell, it was awesome.

Start from the beginning...

We arrived on time and had coffee and tea whilst getting the lowdown of all the activities we'd be doing that morning. We got togged up in our overalls, but I have to say make sure you don't wear nice clothes, as if its been raining, like it had when we went, you're going to get covered in mud even with the overalls. That's cool though, makes it much more fun, only one of our guys was an idiot and only had his clothes for the night out. It amused us no end, but I don't think he was too happy trying to pull when he looked like some tattered farm boy.

The Quads

These are wicked little machines that can handle so much more than you think. Some of the obstacles we were going through on the old quarry site were unreal. They're pretty stable machines and they've got more power behind them than you might think. We had an ace time revving it through all the mud and puddles from the rain the night before. We got absolutely covered but it was great.

The Clays

I'd never been clay pigeon shooting before but was pretty impressed that I was able to hit a fair few so I'd definitely recommend it even if you've not been before. Whether it was beginner's luck I don't know, but it was a real buzz to watch the targets blast into tiny pieces. A great way of getting rid of any tension! I was just imagining my boss's face (I can say that because the stag company have sworn to keep my identity anonymous!).

The Off-Roading

If you like the idea of quad biking, you'll love off-roading. Initially I thought it was going to be more tame but it's not at all and at one point the instructor had us going down a ditch nearly vertical where I had to put my feet on the dash board just to prop myself up. You can have the option of learning how to handle them yourself but I was quite happy to let someone else do the driving, I'm sure we'd have ended upside down if I'd taken the wheel!

Night out round Brighton

I've been out round Brighton once before and I so wasn't disappointed second time round, it's got such a buzzing atmosphere and there are so many different bars to go to. I think we mostly hit West Street for all the Yates, Walkabout action which was exactly as you'd expect, bright, loud and a good laugh. Then we went to Oceana which is absolutely massive. Expect to get lost, but also expect to have a wicked time.


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