Paintballing in Nottingham

21 Dec 2008

Paintballing in Nottingham

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One of our hot destinations at the moment is Nottingham stag weekends, great night life, friendly people and a super place for stag weekend activities. One of the most asked for packages is paintballing. The thrill of the chase, the adrenaline, the bruises is what makes it an activity fit for a stag.

Nottingham has one of the best paintballing centres in the UK. We’ve sourced this top destination which has been running paintballing for groups for years and their massive venue has as many as 500 people through the door in a day. Which is a lot of people shooting the shit out of each other. As a result the staff knows what they’re doing and every group we send to Nottingham for paintballing we do so safe in the knowledge that they’re going to have an awesome time. So what’s on the cards if you choose this destination and this activity?

It’s great to break up the days’ drinking and just like quads, clays, or go karting is guaranteed to get you into the swing of a testosterone fuelled weekend. Some might say there’s something a bit masochistic trying to dodge 165mph paint balls being fired at you but we just call it manly. Your bruises (and there will be bruises) should be treated as war wounds, your own personal medals of honour that you can show everyone you meet later that evening.

You’ll be briefed on safety, given your overalls and masks and then your guns and ammo. Make sure you’re wearing your oldest threads and shoes that are good enough for stalking and running through woods and trenches. This is war and not the time to get trendy. No one wore Nike in Full Metal Jacket.

The centre hosts a number of games and in a half day session you’ll probably get to play about 5 of their high action adrenaline fuelled games. These guys have created a whole host of territories for you to run dodge hide and fight in and they haven’t scrimped on imagination or budget. With bridges, sniper points, 10 foot tunnels, netted mazes, trenches, sandbags and acres of forest to create war in, this is the ultimate battle ground.

Half a day is quite exhausting and will give you plenty of soldier stories to swap in the pub later on over a cold beer. But if you think you have the stamina for it, we dare you to try a full day…


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