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Stag Angels Brighten up Brighton

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We asked one guy what he thought of our very own home grown Stag Angels. Hopefully this will sway you if you’re thinking about getting them for your stag weekend.

“When I was choosing where to go for the stag weekend, it was a toss up between Brighton and Bournemouth, I wanted a bit of beach fun and knew that both were lively and party destinations. What made Brighton pip it over Bournemouth was the Stag Angels. I was putting together quite a big group of guys for my best friend Mike, the stag who after 13 years had finally managed to propose to his girlfriend.

What this meant though, was that Mike had accumulated a ridiculous amount of friends who all wanted to celebrate him getting hitched. I was lumped with a list of about 15+ guys who were up for coming away for the weekend. This was great, I’m all for “the more the merrier”, but I knew there were people who didn’t know other people and there were some down right odd people coming and I wasn’t sure how I would bring the group together.

The day time stuff was fine, paintballing and go-karting, you know what you’re doing and you’re looked after by the centres, it was the night I was a bit nervous about as I wasn’t sure how people would mix and as the Best Man, it was my job to make sure  everyone had a good time…well it was until I found the Stag Angels.

Listen guys, if you have a group and don’t know what to do with them, I totally recommend getting a couple of the girls. I chose 3 of the girls to break up the group and have to say they were first class and meant I could take a back seat and only worry about where my next drink was coming from.

They met us in the first bar in brilliant black and white sexy out fits. They just looked like 3 hot lasses, made even fitter by the fact you could tell they were up for a laugh. I’d thought they were going to be a bit shy, faced with a group of guys, but they definitely knew what they were doing and I think their confidence even made some of our guys blush. It was ace, they took care of the kitty which meant no queuing at any of the bars, which meant more time for drinking with the group, which is what you want.

They were quality, the three of them (2 blondes and a brunette) worked well together, but split up amongst the group and even talked to some of the odd friends and got them involved in dares and challenges – which I think the guys only did to try and impress them. I’d been dreading trying to get everyone talking to everyone else but these girls made it look easy and the group loved walking from bar to bar being led by 3 feisty females. They were good fun, weren’t up their own arses and talked to everyone in the group. They’d obviously done plenty of groups before because even though they drank with us they didn’t get shit faced (I’d been worried that I’d be holding their hair back as they puked) and flirted without being embarrassing.

They had us doing shots, dares (which even they joined in with) and you could tell the bars we went in to knew of them so we had no problem getting in anywhere even as a big group of guys. The best bit was that even though we only had them till about 11pm, they stayed out with us for the rest of the night. Brilliant.

Definitely recommend getting the girls out with you if you’re in Brighton for a night and I’ve heard from other groups that the Stag Angels abroad are even hotter (but I don’t believe it). Thank you Stag Company.”