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Stag party activities for those with a head for heights

Stag party activities for those with a head for heights

It is extremely popular for stags to include some adrenaline-rushing activities on their stag weekend, so it gives everyone a chance to show off their macho side, or presents the opportunity for good natured banter when one of the lads goes weak at the knees.

We offer a range of activities that are perfect for those of us with a head for heights, or some may say it is perfect for those that don’t have a head for heights as they’ll provide the most entertainment (guys are cruel).

Here is a run-down of our stag activities when it may be best not to look down:


Try this one out on your stag weekend in Nottingham, Bournemouth or Bristol (and many others) and see who has the courage to lean back and let themselves go, relying the ropes and harness to do their job as you try and walk horizontally down the cliff face, or rock wall. No matter how comfortable you are, there is no doubt your heart will be pounding when you lean back over a sheer drop, but as your confidence picks up you’ll be bouncing off the wall like a pro.


How about the longest zip wire in Europe? This will certainly get your heart beating, as you race through the air at incredible speed. If you fancy a Snowdonia stag party, then this is a brilliant option, while you could also try a few other activities which are within a very short distance, such as white water rafting and mountain climbing. There is even a paintballing course within the area, making this the perfect location for an action packed weekend.

High Ropes Experience

Have you ever watched monkeys leaping about from tree top to tree top with envy? Well, high ropes is effectively this, but without the danger of missing a branch and falling to the group, something which monkeys and the like never seem to do. You are secured by a harness at all times as you walk along rope ladders in the sky and swing about like a circus professional. This activity can be enjoyed on a Bournemouth stag weekend, and is also offered in Swansea, Nottingham and Riga amongst others. Who can handle the height?

Sky Diving

Well this is undoubtedly the ultimate test for bravery, and same may say stupidity, as you’ll be jumping out of a plane with just a big piece of fabric between you landing on your feet or landing with a rather messy splat. This is not for everyone, but it will make sure of a stag weekend that will never be forgotten. You can do this on a Madrid of Riga stag weekend.