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Tank, Gun and Laser Shooting.

Tank, Gun and Laser Shooting.

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My next stop was a stag do in Prague, a beautiful city that was surprisingly cheap for drinks, a high priority for any party town.

Tank, Gun and Laser Shooting, this is a real lads event! Are you keen to fire a machine gun? Or even a tank?! Then you and the guys can get involved in some serious military action, such as tank driving in Prague. A professionally licenced and experienced instructor will show you the ropes and then all of your group will have one incredible hour where you’ll be shown how to drive the tank, then you’ll have free reign to drive the tank alone.

A stag do is all about embracing the best of being a man and as far as stag do activities go, gun shooting is right up there alongside the manliest and most testosterone-fuelled experiences. If the stag’s looking to blow off some pre-wedding stress from the build-up to the big day, you really will be the best man with this explosive addition.

You’ll have an expert guide you through the day, while you will also receive a health and safety briefing at the start, to ensure you feel comfortable. TheStagCompany want to do the best we can in order to avoid any injury prior to the big day, so no flying off the tracks in this beastly machine. Instructors will run through how to hold the guns correctly; this way you’ll be able to get the most out of the experience. They’ll also issue you the equipment out of a selection of firearms.

Once you’re ready, safe and informed it’s time to set your eyes on the target, aim, and fire! You get to try out different guns and if you’re getting really into it, you can buy more bullets. It’s the ultimate men’s target competition where you can test your hand, eye skills and learn how to handle truly magnificent weapons. After shooting, you can relax over a complementary beer.

Laser quest is slightly tamer in comparison, but continues the military theme and was so much fun. It had a much more group feel to it, something that would be great if you're in a group of mates, whereas shooting is much more individual. Your guide will take you by public transport to and from the venue. It’ll be a nostalgic experience, as you may not have played the game in a while, but it’ll give you and the lads a chance to travel back through the years and release the inner child! Soon enough everything will become a fluorescent blur as you power through the dark arena, playing an array of games that are bound to bring out the competitive streak in everyone.

So grab your laser gun and your vest and enter the war zone. There’s a number of challenges and thick smoke that you have to battle through to seek and destroy the enemy. Upon finishing, I was treated to unlimited beer, winning!

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