The best indoor stag activities

15 Feb 2010

The best indoor stag activities

After the coldest winter in a generation, we in Britain are likely to now face a wet couple of months leading to what probably will be a damp summer.

We are used to this of course and have made moaning about out weather a national sport, but if you particularly adverse to getting cold and wet, but want to stay in England for a stag weekend, what can you do? Here are a selection of the best indoor stag activities for day time entertainment and excitement.

Top of the list has to be stag do go-karting at one of the fantastic indoor circuits that we are partnered with across the country. Go-karting has the injection of adrenaline that comes from the raw competition of speeding around a track in lightening fast go-karts with your mates. Nobody wants to come last and everyone is desperate to be crowned champion, while the occasional high-speed crash will give you all something to discuss over your beers in the evening.

Not indoors as such, but caving on a stag weekend will keep you sheltered from the elements and provide an exhilarating experience as you explore the deepest and darkest crooks and crannies. Caving is a great opportunity to play a few tricks on the stag, especially if you watch The Descent before you make your way underground.

Back in the warm we have poker stag parties on offer for the groups that fancy a spot of high stakes gambling. You will feel like professionals in your the surroundings of a casino as you all try and master your poker face and bluff your way to glory and money. This is often included in the night-time entertainment, but there is much more exciting things to go in the evening, so try out some poker in the afternoon and see who is holding all the aces.

If you do head over to Europe for a stag weekend our recommendation for an indoor stag activity has to be a shooting experience in which you’ll be taken into a cold war style bunker where you can get your hands on pistols, Kalashnikovs and many other lethal weapons. This activity will make sure your stag weekend goes with a bang.


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