Top 5 weirdest stag do activities we offer - 2013 edition

01 Oct 2013

Top 5 weirdest stag do activities we offer - 2013 edition

Paintballing. Pub. Club. Stag weekend done. It’s very easy to end up doing the same things over and over again for your stag do. Chances are you did something similar for a mate’s stag. Not that there’s anything wrong with paintball: there isn’t. In fact it’s still one of our best selling stag activities. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut: you go with what you know and what’s comfortable. Like that pack of M&S pants you’ve been buying for years and buy without even thinking about it now. Well it’s time to ditch the conventional stag favourites and try some new activities! So if we’re going with the "underpants analogy" then it’s time to ditch the cotton M&S favourites and don some orange, silk, Chinese embroidered dragon boxers lads. Yes, they’re different. Yes they’re a little weird but they’re also unique and will certainly be remembered long after they’re gone. (We’re talking about both the below activities and the hypothetical dragon pants here.)

Dumper truck

You raced go-karts, quads bike and probably real cars at some point in your life. But here comes the real question. Have you raced a dumper truck before..? Chances are you probably haven’t, so why not experience something new as a group and add another tick to that bucket list? Seriously, it may look easy but these little mud monsters require skill to drive and will really bring out that competitive spirit!

Human Football Table

We’re not even making this up and if you haven’t tried it yet – and you’re a footie fan – then get on it! What basically happens is that you and the lads get strapped into a giant inflatable version of this favourite pub game and onto plastic poles which slide from side to side.  There’ll be referees to keep the beautiful game fair and plenty of laughter to keep everyone talking about it for months to come.

Mud Wrestling

Two hot babes wearing hardly anything. One wrestling arena. A whole lotta mud.  Yeah, this could actually happen on your stag do. Just imagine you and lads sitting back and watching what only most men have to Google or dream about – in live action! Sleazy? Just a bit. Glorious man experience of a lifetime? You bet.

Hovercraft Experience

Much like the dumper truck activity, most people have never raced a personal hovercraft before. So if the idea of adding another tick to your “vehicles driven in my lifetime” list then it’s best to book this. We promise you it’ll be quite unlike anything you’ve experienced – driving wise anyway and a stag weekend to remember, long after it’s over!

Shark Fishing

This is fishing for men who want to potentially reel in something bigger than a standard loaf of bread - because trout fishing this is not! This involves a boat out to sea where you’ll be able to chill out with your mates, enjoy some cold beers and hopefully catch yourself an impressive number (and by this we potentially mean a shark, tuna or swordfish!)




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