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Action Man Adventure Stag Weekends

Action Man Adventure Stag Weekends

As kids there was nothing better than a bit of rough and tumble. We're not talking about the kind you get when you've reached the heady heights of adolescence; that's far better.  No, we're talking about rolling about in the muck, breaking out a sweat and feeling the adrenaline pump through you...  actually it sounds very similar.  For the purpose of a stag weekend though, we're talking action and adventure weekends.  Now that you're older, the action and adventure is bigger and better than running round with your mates pretending to be soldiers or explorers and we've picked out the top five action and adventure stag activities that we provide.


The grand daddy of action and adventure on your stag weekend this has been popular since we began all those years ago and you guys still want to get out there and shoot the crap out of each other on your stag weekends.  We applaud you because this activity embodies everything that stag weekends should be about: spending time with your mates, running round having a laugh and trying not to get shot, and comparing bruises at the end.



Abseiling is becoming more popular especially as the weather gets nicer because let's face it, no one really wants to be hanging down the side of a cliff face on their stag weekend in the thrashing rain. Abseiling is a great stag experience. You'll be harnessed up, taken to the top and then it's up to you to scale town like James Bond. If hanging 30 foot in the air with rocks below you and only a rope and harness to hold you up sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, then you definitely need to be checking out this activity.


Assault course

Remember as a kid going on one of these, crawling through tunnels and rope nets and tackling rope swings? Well imagine that you get to do it all again, but this time everything's bigger, better and you all have to work together to get through it. This is a good team builder of an activity and will have you building up a thirst!


High Ropes Course

This is one of our more recent packages in the last couple of years and it's taken the action adventure industry by storm. There is nothing else like this which is why it's proving so popular with our stag parties. Once you're harnessed up you'll be sent up into the trees to tackle an assault course through the treetops. This is not for the faint hearted and is bags of fun as you go across rope bridges, wooden planks and even zip wires. Choose this package on your stag weekend and see who becomes king of the jungle.


Rock Climbing

This is a demanding action and adventure sport which requires a certain amount of fitness to start, though you don't have to be an expert to really enjoy this activity. Depending on your destination you'll either be enjoying a natural rock face, or scaling and indoor climbing wall, but don't be under the illusion that indoor climbing is any less exhilarating than outdoor. They build those walls so high that you'll certainly feel your pulse racing if you make it to the top and are brave enough to look down!