Wedding Advice For Men

It seems that wedding advise for men is a little neglected. When someone says wedding, you immediately think of the bride-to-be, billowing locks, white gowns, bridesmaids and a big diamond ring.  In other words, it’s all about the woman, and it’s your big day too! We refuse to leave the groom-to-be out of the equation and seek to give you all the advice possible to help you with your pre-wedding nerves and to help you come to terms with marriage and long term commitment. Romance is not always instinctual for you men so it’s perfectly acceptable that you may need a little push here and a shove there.

Hopefully we can help you solve some of your wedding dilemmas however, if there are things we haven’t covered let us know and we’ll write about them to help you and all the other struggling men out there


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