Spotlight on Eastern European Stag Weekend Destinations

21 Jul 2009

With low cost airfares over the past few years, it has made every stag party easier to get further away from home, meaning more mischief can be caused without fearing that you're going to run in to someone you know who might also know your missus. As stag parties have been exploring just how far away they can get in a weekend without spending a ton of time travelling, one particular area keeps growing in stag party popularity and that's the countries tucked away in Eastern Europe. With beautiful women, excellent beer and some of the best nightlife around it's no surprise that you guys can't wait to grab your passports, spare pair of socks and head out for some drunken debauchery. For those who aren't too familiar with the destinations out there, we've given you a summary of some of the favourites.


Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and also the largest. After being almost completely destroyed in World War Two, the Polish citizens rebuilt this city and made a damn good job out of it too. It is now an exquisite location for a stag party with upmarket bars and restaurants and a glitzy nightlife. This is a city that is emerging into its own and with its super clubs and stunning lap dancing venues this is a city that will take your breath away.


Another Polish gem, this is one of the oldest cities in the country but believe us, that just means it's cool. Whereas Warsaw has glimmering nightlife, when you go to Krakow imagine underground dance venues and little known party secrets tucked away off the Market Square that are unbelievably cool. The city has a whole underground scene of indulgent watering holes filled with stag night temptation. You're going to love it.


Another capital city, this time of the beautiful city of Hungary.  Budapest is well known for being made up of two parts split by the River Danube. On the west of the river you have the magnificently historic and hilly area of Buda which is where you take your camera for prtty pics... and then Pest is on the east side, and this is where you'll find the shiny cosmopolitan night life with fancy clubs, swinging hotspots and trendy bars. Don't expect to get much sleep in this city.


Here you have the capital city of the Czech Republic and this is a party town through and through with non-stop all night action so you'd better bring some stamina. This city is another fantastic mix of old world cultural charm and modern day heavy drinking long night partying action. The drinks and entertainment is all pretty cheap. Head to Wenceslas Square to start the night off with plenty of bright lights and action.

Riga stag weekends

As the largest city in the Baltic States, Riga stag nights definitely have that party pulse. Set in the north of Latvia the main attraction for stag weekends to Riga is its high concentration of pubs and bars in the old town meaning there's not much travelling in between your pints. The upmarket authentic bars are mixed in with your familiar Irish pubs so you won't have to go far before you find a place that everyone likes. The women are beautiful and keep your eye out for the Martini bar where some hot ladies will dance on the bar to try and entice you and the lads in.

This is just a quick glimpse of some of the main cities in Easter Europe, but for more info about where to go on your stag weekend don't hesitate to call the office and talk to one of the guys!


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