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Potential Prince Harry Stag Do Ideas

Potential Prince Harry Stag Do Ideas

Now Prince Harry has officially asked William to be his best man, the inevitable next stage is the stag do. With everyone speculating on what might happen, whether he will be back to his party-loving self or a calmer occasion and whether it will be a joint Sten party or a separate pre-nuptial party, it is the hottest news right now.

The team from have come out with some potential stag do ideas Prince William might want to consider for his brother.

  • The Invictus Games were created by Prince Harry for wounded armed service personnel, so we thought he might like to try the Xtreme games inflatable course, which includes bungee spider web, foot darts and a dizzy assault course.
  • Considering Prince Harry never gets the chance to be anyone other than a prince, he might want to try the ‘Rockstar For A Day’ activity in London. All the instruments are provided, there will be a live recording and a CD made of the music at the end. Who knows, he might even want to perform at the wedding!
  • Prince Harry is an avid pilot and is a qualified apache helicopter commander, therefore he might want to consider flying a real fighter jet in Prague. This is a popular activity which uses a plane similar to the ones in TopGun.
  • In December, Prince Harry was meant to take part in the traditional boxing day shooting, however Meghan Markle is an animal rights campaigner and requested him not to go. So as a meet in the middle, we thought he could give clay pigeon shooting a try. No pigeons were hurt in this activity!
  • If the group would like to prank him then they could always try the rabid dog chase in Riga, of course you could probably swap the German Shephard for a corgi! Stag fake arrests are growing in popularity, where a police car will pull over your car, take the stag out, handcuff him and put a bag over his head, before taking him to what he thinks is an interrogation room, but when the bag comes off all his mates are standing around laughing. Prince Harry definitely has a naughty side, while this might be the only chance he could experience being arrested!
  • The new and exciting activity which has been kicking off in 2018 is quidditch, so if Prince Harry wants to play Ron then you just need a Harry and Hermione within the group. Considering there were rumours Harry and Emma Watson were close, we’re not sure how this one would go down.
  • Harry will want a big send off, but I’m not sure whether it would be good advice to head back over to Las Vegas after his last appearance, therefore somewhere like Prague might be a better option. Prague has been by far the number one stag do destination over the past 3 years, as groups flock to the city for cheap beer and wild nights out.
  • Or Prince Harry could combine his celebrations with Megan’s group on a Sten do, which is a combined stag and hen do. The top selling sten do activities include white water rafting, go karting and karaoke.
  • Of course, if Harry would prefer a traditional stag do activity, then he couldn’t go wrong with paintballing, quad biking or bubble football, the top selling activities in 2017.

If you want to try a royal send-off then check out our Prince Harry Stag Do.

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