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Flexible payments!

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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

Summer and Winter Activities

07 Jan 2009

Summer and Winter Activities

Categories: Things To Try

You might not have a lot of choice about when the stag do is going to be, but it’s worth bearing in mind what activities you might want to do considering our brilliant British weather. Some things like indoor karting can obviously be done all year round, but something like surfing might be best kept to the milder months.


Below we’ve listed some activities which might appeal to cold or warm (does it get warm in England?) temperatures and some firm favourites that can be enjoyed all year round!



Summer Fun





Available in some of the top coastal spots like Newquay, if you’re thinking about hitting the waves on your stag do, you definitely don’t want to be falling off a board mid winter when it’s dark in the pissing rain.





Sitting back, talking shit whilst catching fish is perfect in the summer sunshine. Don’t worry if you get sea sickness – the sea is your toilet bowl. A perfect way to while away the sunny hours of a weekend.





You don’t want to be trudging round a muddy course. You want to amble and maybe mosey along the green, perfecting your stroke and nothing works up a thirst for a beer like a walk in the sun.





Not an activity for calm seas with this one, but you don’t want cold ones either.  A great choice for a summer stag do



Winter Fun



Clay Pigeon shooting


Just as enjoyable in the sunshine, there’s something about the fresh air of the cooler months, getting wrapped up and then taking some shots at flying discs.



White Water Rafting


Okay this might seem a strange one to have in winter activities, but it really depends on rainfall. The higher the rainfall (and typically this is in winter) the better the rapids





Let’s face it, running round in the summer months might seem great but then you get hot, tired and risk wasting your energy for the evening. Stop being a fanny, brace the cold and run around a bit. You’ll feel better and ready for a shot of something to warm you up afterwards.

All year round favourites



Quad biking


It doesn’t matter if the ground is hard or swampy as long as there are twists and turns, dips and hills. The beauty of these mean machines is that they handle all terrains



Off Roading


As above, these vehicles are meant to take whatever landscape you throw at them (except parking in a busy high street when Land Rovers are pretty much just a pain in the neck). This means that whatever the weather on your stag weekend, come rain or shine you’ll be able to hear the roar of these as they’re put through their paces.





Soldiers don’t stop if it gets a bit hot or cold do they? No. Which means, as a member of the stag corp. 3rd battalion it is your duty to be up for shooting 165 mph pellets whatever the temperature.



Perfect all year round.

If you have any other questions about what’ good when, call one of our sales team to give you a run down of what’s available to you.



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