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The 10 Best European Stag Do Locations

07 Aug 2023

The 10 Best European Stag Do Locations

If you’d rather have a stag do abroad then you’re spoilt for choice on where to go. Picking the best option can be hard, you have to factor in whether you want to go somewhere you’ve never been before, whether it being hot is critical, what activities you want to do and whether a cost friendly option is required.

We have therefore dived into every stag destination abroad and have created a list of the best European stag do locations for you.

10) Riga Stag Do

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time! If you needed a potential reason to visit, going down a bobsleigh with your mates should be the answer!

Of course, if you needed another reason, then how about the fact it’s one of the cheapest locations in Europe for a pint, not to mention the Wild Wild East offers guns and strippers galore.

You can visit the casino to place a few bets and see if anyone comes out a high roller, before going to a Latvian brewery tour.

We can ensure the group get guest list entry into the nightclub, meaning no worrying about getting in on the day, which also includes queue jump and return transfers from your Riga stag hotel.

Riga was made famous (by ourselves I must admit) when the Rabid Dog Chase stag do activity was launched, which was quickly featured on the likes of Unilad and the Daily Star. Of course, it depends how badly you want to prank the groom, but this will certainly get his heart beating and everyone else laughing.


9) Barcelona Stag Do

There are so many things to do in Barcelona, you could easily switch this from a weekend to a two week stay. You could attempt to tick off some of the traditional touristy options, such as Sagrada La Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila and Park Guell.

If the groom is a football fan, you may also want to visit Camp Nou. While it may be hard to get tickets for a game, you may want to try the immersive experience at this 100,000 seater stadium.

For the more obscure options and if everyone has a valid driving license, you could try the Barcelona Go Car City Tour, allowing you to jet around the city with an audio guide and GPS navigation in your little vehicles. If some aren’t drivers, no worries as the cars can fit two people, so everyone can double up. The tour lasts 1.5 hours, so works well earlier in the day before the drinks start.

But arguably the best option is the Humor Amarillo, the inflatable assault course in Barcelona, where you will be buckling over in laughter as you try various wacky games along the course before crowning the champion.


8) Krakow Stag Do

Heading to Eastern Europe means two things, guns and girls! Try your hand at an Uzi at the Krakow gun firing range, while everyone will get a go with 33 bullets and can choose their weapon of choice. There is even a pump action shotgun that will really impress the group and make for some great photos.

There are a number of trendy bars in town you can visit before the nightclub, while we can help arrange a bar crawl with a guide to ensure you visit all the best spots and get instantly past the bouncer without any hassle.

There are a number of tasting sessions depending on your choice of booze, whether that’s a beer tasting session or vodka tasting (considering we’re in Eastern Europe and Poland makes some amazing vodka).

Sticking with guns, you will also find an air soft course where you can fire pellets at your mates, or save them all for the groom. Just the same, we can also book your group in for a day of paintballing, including 200 balls and return transfers.


7) Budapest Stag Do

Budapest might be synonymous with relaxing breaks and couples spa days, but we’re looking to embrace the much more wilder side of this city.

One of the top selling activities for a wild weekend in Budapest is gun shooting, while you can try out 6 different weapons, including a glock and the famous AK-47. You will get return transfers to and from your hotel, so you don’t waste time trying to find taxis.

A cruise while in Budapest is essential, while you can relax at the bars next to the river afterwards. Of course, the cruise can also include a stripper on-board, not to mention a bar so you can all get a little bit merry. These boat bars don’t tend to accept card, so remember to bring cash on the river cruise.

Want a slightly more bizarre prank for your mate? Swap out the sexy stripper for an overweight lady with a Budapest roly poly stripper, as the oversized lady grinds the groom into oblivion.

This can take place in private in the hotel room, or at the restaurant while you’re eating dinner, or it could even happen within the transfer into town, wherever you reckon will work best we can arrange it to suit your needs.


6) Lisbon Stag Do

The first of two Portuguese destinations to make the top ten list of the best European stag do locations, Lisbon is a beautiful area with gorgeous beaches and great weather.

Take a ride on the yellow trams, try the local cuisine and admire the spectacular architecture, while paying a very reasonable price as Lisbon hasn’t completely been taken over by tourists.

Have the groom woken up first thing with a sexy maid stripper who will pretend to be coming in to clean before climbing on top and doing her thing. He can enjoy the performance without even leaving his bedroom!

Embracing Lisbon as a destination means enjoying the finer things and that means you may want to skip the rowdy bars and start your pre-drinks at a rooftop bar. In fact, we can arrange for an expert local guide to take you to 3 beautiful rooftop bars in Lisbon, with a free shot at every bar included.  The guide will keep you on time, so you don’t skip behind, as well as ensuring the group remains together, which can always be difficult with 15 drunken lads.

There are so many activities to try, such as axe throwing and kayaking, not to mention the incredibly daring high ropes (not for me thanks), your days will breeze by.


5) Dublin Stag Do

Forget going for St Paddy’s day, it will be way too manic, but Dublin offers something all year round with an electric atmosphere and a wild nightlife scene.

If you haven’t been before, then the ritual visit to the Guinness Storehouse is a must, even if you don’t tend to drink it.

If you want to embrace the local culture, you could try your hand at hurling, Gaelic football and handball, all bookable through TheStagCompany.

Once you land, it’s important to get everyone in the mood as quickly as possible, so you may want to try out the party bus airport pick-up. The guide will collect you from the airport and lead your group over to the vehicle, where you can pop open the complimentary bottle of bubbly and enjoy the tunes blasting out. Here’s a tip, they allow you to bring drinks on the party bus, so you may want to pop into customs at the airport and buy a crate of beers for the party bus!

If you want a hilarious activity that will get everyone laughing then you might want to try goggle football in Dublin. With bizarre vision-imbalancing binoculars on, you will all play a number of games as you trip all over the place. Trust me, you will have just as much fun taking the goggles off and watching your mates fall over. Make sure to get phones at the ready to video everyone tripping up.



4) Albufeira Stag Do

I remember when we launched Albufeira as a stag do location. Prior to this nobody was heading there, but we noticed a spike in people requesting Portugal as a location, so we started reaching out to venues and activity providers, restaurants and hotels, in order to see what we could deliver.

I’m very happy to say this destination has grown significantly since and is now the fourth best stag do destination in Europe.

Many people flock from Britain over to Portugal to try golf, so we’d love to put forward footgolf. Just as it sounds, there are a number of golf courses with large holes and you’ll have a football you have to kick towards the holes. This is the most fun you can have standing up (well, almost).

You can then spend your lunch enjoying a three course meal at an Italian restaurant on the beachfront, giving everyone that holiday feel, while your order also includes a ½ bottle of wine per person.

For day 2, you might want to try out a full day Jeep Safari, starting at 10am and then dropping you off for 5pm as you explore the valleys, lowlands and villages in the Algarve. This will tick all the tourist boxes off so you can spend the rest of the night getting wasted.

Check out our Albufeira stag accommodation here.


3) Benidorm Stag Do

Turn back five years and Riga used to be in third spot, with Benidorm no-where to be seen, but this destination has quickly become one of those most popular spots for stag parties abroad.

Of course, Benidorm can offer sun, sea and sand, while you might want to head out on a catamaran cruise to really make the most of the weather. There will be a DJ on-board, plus each person gets a free drink included, before utilising the cash bar for plenty more drinks. The staff will also arrange numerous games for the group to keep everyone hyped up.

A day trip over to Aqualandia water park is a must! Embrace your inner child and jump onto all the slides, flying down at speedy pace before splashing all your mates. This will keep the group having fun and smiling throughout the day, plus for those a little older, they can take to the floating river and watch the day pass by with a beer in hand.

Wnat a funny prank? Of course. Well have the groom handcuffed to a dwarf on the night out as they head out to each bar. There will be plenty of photos and too many laughs you’ll have a stomach ache!

Before you go on to book, make sure to have a look at our Benidorm stag accommodation as we have a number of apartments to suit your budget.

2) Amsterdam Stag Do

The Amsterdam government stated they wanted to cut down on stag groups earlier in the year, the reaction, Brits started booking the destination even more! We hate being told what to do and we’re going to have a good time!

Amsterdam certainly offers the more wild side of Europe, while we have amazing suppliers out there offering some truly unique activities.

For starters, have you ever wanted to take out all of your frustrations on your car as it keeps giving you hassle? Well why not try Car Smash, where everyone in the group will be given weapons and you can bash in this vehicle in a junk yard.

A trip over to the Heineken brewery for a tour and a taste is always a must if this is your first trip over. Of course, if you’ve already done this then you might want to opt for a beer bike, allowing you to see all the sights with copious amounts of booze.

There are numerous stripper options available, from a stripper visiting you at the restaurant as you eat dinner to a dominatrix bar crawl, plus of course we can arrange pre-paid lap dance entry.

Paintballing is a very popular activity regularly booked in this destination, as is quad biking, but if you want something a little more unique then you could try the indoor snowboarding venue.


1) Prague Stag Do

Prague has been the best stag do destination for years outside of the UK (in the UK it’s Newcastle) and once again it holds top spot.

The price of a pint is incredibly low, helping tackle the cost of living crisis, while the accommodation is also amazingly priced.

During the day you can enjoy a classic activity such as go karting or bubble football and then follow it up with a wild night out on the town.

If you want to try your hand at gun shooting, then locations such as this are a gem, with plenty of gun ranges available.

You also have some hilarious prank activities to wind up the groom, such as a fake arrest from leaving the airport before his hood is removed and a stripper appears.

You can head on a private river cruise, with a bar and a DJ on-hand, plus there are options for unlimited drinks, which can be useful when everyone plans on getting leathered.

There is even an ice bar if you fancy going somewhere a little more unique. Plus white water rafting will get the adrenaline going on your adventure.


Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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