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Top Five Stag Weekend Activities in Liverpool

Liverpool isn't just famous for the Beatles, Gerry and the pacemakers and the lovable accent, it's also fast gaining a reputation as one of THE places to go on a Liverpool stag weekend. We know this because we're getting tons of requests and quotes about the activities to do in Liverpool and where to go when you get there. We could talk all day about the beauty of Liverpool (and the beauties you'll see when you're on a night out in Liverpool!), but as our guys are getting sore throats talking so much, we thought we'd give you the low down on what activities people are telling us are their favourites in this Merseyside city, and why.


We've been sending stags away on weekends for years, and time after time, paintballing comes in as one of the most requested daytime activities. What is it about pain that you lot enjoy? Having said that, the combination of adrenaline, skill and those cool looking soldier helmets, we have to admit there's nothing quite so satisfying as shooting the shit out of a mate... or three. Liverpool has some of the best venues for paintballing and we know when we send guys there for stag weekends, we're going to get raving testimonials, which is good for us and great for you!


We've seen a recent increase in stag weekend requests for comedy nights, must be all that doom and gloom in the papers. Either way, it's good news because there are some great Liverpool comedy club venues which will have you laughing until you're afraid your sides will split... or you pee yourself, trust us Liverpool has a great reputation for comedy venues and we've hand picked ones which have the best new and established comedians ready to entertain you.


For a four wheeled adventure that won't leave you muddy, go-karting is perfect. It's fast, fun, and fiercely competitive. We can guarantee that you'll be talking about your manoeuvres at each bend for hours after the experience. For all those Lewis Hamilton fans, get on your overalls, put on your helmet and get ready for some intense handling round the curves of a track in Liverpool that will test your driving skills to the limit!

Clay Pigeon shooting

Clays works really well as an activity to compliment another, such as quad biking. You get the rough and the ready of the quads, and then you can test your skill on the shooting range, which may not be rough and tumble but believe us it is incredibly addictive and competitive. Even if you've never shot a gun before, you'll be surprised how quickly you can pick it up and after you've smashed that first clay out of the sky, you'll want to do it again and again.


There are some excellent Liverpool golf courses that we love to send our stags to, because we know they're going to have a great time. How can you not enjoy taking a leisurely stroll (but we're still going to call it exercise!) with your mates, having a laugh and hitting some balls with sticks? Whether you're always on the fairway or don't even know what to do with your wood, golf is the perfect way to get all your mates together and enjoy yourselves before hitting the city of Liverpool at night.

For more information about other popular Liverpool stag weekends, give the office a call and we'd be happy to tell you more!