What Actually Happens On A Stag Do?

24 May 2016

What Actually Happens On A Stag Do?

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We all know the stereotype; a large group of rowdy lads on a bar crawl, pranking the main man and ending up in a strip club, discarding twenties like it’s toilet paper. Hey, it doesn’t sound like a bad night to me, but we were curious how accurate these stereotypes were. We are constantly receiving calls for “a stag do a little bit different from the norm”, which we are adapting our activity list for, so we thought we would review recently married men about what they got up to on their stag do and the results were very interesting!

Do You Remember Your Stag Do?

I personally feel the groom should never spend more than 10 minutes without a drink in his hand. At the last stag party I attended, my friend was having shots at 10am, while he could barely walk by 5pm. You obviously want to remember your last night of freedom, but you also want it to be a night you will never forget, however us Brits have a tendency to drink ourselves into oblivion. According to our research, 41% of married men couldn’t remember their own stag do. Maybe sneak a drink of water in-between each pint to ensure you remember the big night.



Stitching up the groom on his big night has been a staple of stag parties since…well, a long time! In fact, we’ve written up an entire guide on stag do pranks if you required some inspiration (my favourite is the bungee jump trick). However not everyone is as cruel as me it seems, with 63% of married men surveyed stating that they weren’t pranked on their big night out. The most common prank we all think of is the groom being tied up to a lamp post, however of the men surveyed, only 7% said this actually happened, so you can rest assured you stand a decent chance of not being left tied to a post!


Where Do People Go?

The number one destination for stag groups in 2016 so far has been Bournemouth, for the third year running! The five most popular destinations in the first quarter of 2016 have been Bournemouth, Brighton, Newcastle, Prague and Bristol. Prague is the only abroad destination in the top five, however Budapest and Riga have been closely following behind. All three of these destinations are considered low cost destinations, where a party atmosphere prevails. With the low costs and sun the Portuguese capital is also popular. Lads snap up the Lisbon stag accommodation quickly!


Did You Get A Stripper?

The honesty of our interviewee’s may come into question here, however of the men surveyed, 81.94% said they didn’t have a lap dance or a stripper. This is a substantial figure considering the amount of lap dance entries we sell as an activity; however, we are certainly noticing a shift in what people want to do on their stag do. We still sell a large amount of bar crawls and lap dance clubs, yet there has been a spike in the slightly more unusual activities, such as the zombie bootcamp in Birmingham or the binocular football activity.


Fancy Dress

Oh Britain, you disappoint me! 78% stated they didn’t try any form of fancy dress on their stag do. I expected so much more from you! Why not break this trend and go for something that will leave passers-by in stitches? We have written up some example fancy dress ideas you could try if you need some motivation.


Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet

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