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Flexible payments!

- 0% interest monthly payments

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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

Cheap Stag Do Locations

22 Feb 2024

Cheap Stag Do Locations

The big day is on the horizon and the first big step, after letting the lad know he’s best man, is to pick where you want to go. Trust us, we’ve got almost two decades of history in the industry and almost everyone that calls up says they have an idea but aren’t 100% sure.

Picking the right place will take several considerations, such as what activities you want to do, whether you want to stay in the UK or head abroad, plus whether you want to go somewhere new or a tried and tested location. But for this article, we will focus on the cheapest stag locations available.


20. Leeds

Leeds has always been a popular stag do destination, largely due to the wild nightlife and brilliant activities available, however if your money can stretch a little further then that’s always a welcome boost.

Not heading abroad saves on having to book flights, while you can also get some cheap Leeds stag do accommodation, whether that’s hotels or apartments.

A trip to the Boom Bar won’t exactly break the bank, while you can have plenty of games of beer pong, with a few other drinking games mixed in.

The Urban Axe Throwing is also a low cost activity that the group can try out at Whistle Punks, while this booking will include 2 drinks per person and food to share so you can layer the stomach while having fun.

19. Bucharest

Not a destination we offer, as we simply struggle with finding reliable suppliers in the area that we can guarantee quality with, but it’s an area which is becoming increasingly popular with stag parties.

You can easily spend £1.50 per pint, if you buy the local drinks rather than the imports, while you can also eat dinner at a fraction of what you’d pay back home.

Having said that, many of the nightclubs do overcharge for a drink, so you can end up paying a hefty amount in the end, depending on where you go.

Public transportation is also very reasonably priced, but the temptation to get an Uber or a Taxi may prove too strong when directing 16 lads around.

18. Hamburg

Germany isn’t exactly known as a cheap location, but while Berlin and Munich are at the top end, Hamburg will allow you to embrace the Bavarian lifestyle without breaking the bank as much.

You can also combine a number of activities in Hamburg, as they would take place with the same supplier at the same location, such as goggle football and bubble football, which means you might be able to get a discount if you ask our team.

Hooters is a popular place to eat, while this allows all the lads to see some sexy waitresses without having to pay a fortune for strippers.

Stick to the public transport, the old Metro line works wonders and is incredibly cheap, while they’re also very efficient, which will make you feel very jealous once you return to our rubbish services.

17. Manchester

A Manchester stag do is synonymous with go karting, as it’s so commonly booked for groups in this city. This is an activity that is decently priced and covers your daytime activity.

If you want to mix it up on a tight budget, you could visit the Sixes Cricket bar to have a crack at smashing the ball as hard as you can and see how you compare to all your mates. If you do well enough, you may even end up on the wall!

If you don’t know the Manchester area too well, you can request two bar crawl beauties to escort you around. This means that your entry to the nightclub is pre-arranged, with queue jump, while you will get straight into 3-4 bars and a round of shots at each one.

16. Bristol

A trip over to the West of England will deliver so many exciting activities, while if you want to keep your budget really low then you can spend a fair portion of time admiring all the graffiti, considering this is the home of Banksy.

Hearing the voices of Russell Howard and Stephen Merchant around every corner will leave you feeling calm and relaxed, before you get woken back up for a filthy round of pints.

Paintballing is a brilliant activity when keeping your costs low is paramount, ordering 100 balls, then allowing people to individually order more on the day if they feel the need or have the money available. This flexibility is useful when people are working with drastically varied budgets. Just make sure not to pick up old unburst paint bullets when running around, it will just jam the gun and you’ll regret it.

15. Cardiff

If you’re heading on a Cardiff stag do, then you might want to try out the hilarious Welsh Country Games, with various activities such as ‘sheep shenanigans’ and ‘drunk dragons’, I won’t explain them, I’ll just leave it to the imagination.

Tackling an inflatable assault course with everyone in fancy dress makes this one of the best activities in the country, but there are lower cost options if this is a bit too pricey.

You can book live comedy tickets, which aren’t overly expensive and then people can spend what they can afford while in there. The temptation to get a bucket of beer might be overwhelming though!

You could also try out a bottomless brunch, meaning you don’t have to worry about the bill flying high as people keep ordering, with everything pre-paid for. Of course, the group might struggle to walk out the front door afterwards, but that’s half the fun!

Don’t forget to check out our Cardiff stag accommodation before booking your trip for our best prices.

14. Magaluf

Shagaluf as it is commonly know to fellow Brits, this wild destination has plenty of bars, pubs and clubs to drink your tits off at.

The Punta Ballena strip is the area known for the most wild atmosphere, where you can expect simply anything and everything to happen under the sun.

The drinks are cheap, the sun is out and everyone is in the mood to get plastered. We can even book you in for a full day pass to BH Mallorca, so you can hang out in the water park and enjoy a Jacuzzi as well as drinking at the beach club and making the most of the buffet.

The nightclubs can charge a small fortune if you’re not prepped in advance, so if you book with us, we can get your whole group VIP access to the Ocean Beach Club, with five drink tokens per person, as well as 1 food token per person.

It’s worth me highlighting that the boat party is out of this world, but it all depends if your budget can stretch to this, but certainly worth a consideration.

13. Oxford

We hear Oxford and you naturally think of the University and ridiculously swanky buildings, but you can actually have a very cheap stag weekend here.

If a fear of heights doesn’t hold you back, you could try out the Go Ape high ropes experience, which normally entertains the group for 2-3 hours, before the bellies start rumbling.

Alternatively, you could opt for quad biking or off-road go karting, either will get the petrol heads of the group hyped up.

We have a ‘Jump & Drink’ package, where you can get guest list entry into the nightclub, as well as fast track entry for everyone in your group, which will be a lifesaver when trying to manage 16 people. This will also get your jackets in for free in the cloakroom, plus a drink voucher each.

12. Newquay

This destination is ideal for water-lovers, with so many activities to choose from, such as kayaking or surfing lessons, or even coasteering if it fits into your budget.

But for your really low cost daytime activity, you can’t go wrong with some volleyball and you can book the court out for a full hour and replicate the scenes from Top Gun. You don’t get a referee included with your booking, so everyone has to be honest, unless the groom scores, then you all have to deny seeing it.

Berties Surf Lodge offers you the opportunity to stay at some low cost stag hostels in Newquay, with multiple beds per room meaning everyone can get ready together before the big night out.

11. Benidorm

A wild trip to the La Carretera with all the large nightclubs blasting tunes out till 6am, you will never party so hard in your life.

But while Ibiza is insanely overpriced, with venues charging £80-100 for access, Benidorm offers the budget alternative with just as much drinking and naughtiness.

It’s Alicante’s crazy beach resort, where you’ll see people doing shots all day and night at Calle Esperanto, however you can always do some wakeboarding before the drinks start flowing.

The Oasis rooftop terrace is highly sought after and can cost a bundle for access on the day, but we have get your group pre-access, with a four hour booking, including 2.5 hours in the jacuzzi’s holding 6-7 people in each.

Make sure to check out our Benidorm stag hotels which have been handpicked to ensure they’re fine for big groups of lads, as many around town aren’t too happy to host big factions of guys.

10. Snowdonia

With Snowdonia, it all depends on what activities you want to book, as this could equally be the cheapest or most expensive stag do you could book.

There are a lot of extreme activities available for those with a daredevil attitude, including Bounce Below, the longest zip wire in Europe and canyoning experiences.

But if you want a budget stag do, you could opt for some surfing lessons, then head out for local drinks, or even head on over to Liverpool, a popular split trip many people do.

We can also arrange a three course meal at the Castle, including traditional pub grub, perfect to layer the stomach, as well as allowing the group to get the first round in.

9. Prague

Prague has been one of the top selling stag destinations for the past decade and for good reason. It’s wildly cheaper than other big cities in Europe such as Berlin or Amsterdam.

The average pint of beer in Prague costs around £1.50, however it depends which one you opt for, you’re much better off getting a local pint than an import, while you should ask for a drinks menu, as the prices drastically vary on different drinks.

Plus, you don’t have to settle for a grimy cheap drink, the local drinks are the best in the world! I’m not exaggerating; they truly are the best in the world.

Another good thing is that you can walk around Prague quite easily without necessarily having to pay for public transport. Some activities may be further out of town, however many of these actually include return transfers.

8. Southampton

The South Coast of England is home to some of the most popular stag do destinations, including Brighton and Bournemouth, but Southampton doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

You can book a wild day of paintballing, or potentially an even cheaper escape rooms experience, neither which will break the bank. Follow that up with a beer bucket package deal at the bars and end up in a gentleman’s club.

Of course, if you’d like some guidance on where to go for your night out, the barcrawl bunnies can come along with your group, through 3 bars and 1 nightclub drop-off, playing drinking games with the group and ensuring everyone gets served straight away.

Plus, you opt for a midweek trip and you can actually make the most of the student prices, with two Universities in the area meaning plenty of special offers Tuesday-Thursday.

7. Blackpool

The winner of the most affordable staycation in the UK earlier in the year, it is little surprise that so many people flock to Blackpool.

You can pick up a great meal at a restaurant without being overpriced, plus the stag accommodation in Blackpool is also very reasonably priced.

The Grand Prix go-karting venue isn’t just a decent priced activity, but it’s also the most popular for weekends in the area, as well as a game of bubble football (best played on the first day, before the hangover).

If you’d rather get out and about, then you could have a game of Footgolf, with large holes to aim for.

6. Riga

Riga offers plenty of shooting activities, so if you want to give something a go you simply can’t try back home, then this might be the one for you.

You can also prank the groom with the kidnap package, where two police officers arrest the groom, bag his head and drag him off before he’s tied to a chair and a stripper comes out, with everyone around laughing in hysterics.

Of course, a slightly less cruel stripper option would be the sexy wake-up, where she visits firs thing in the morning after he’s drunk copious amounts of alcohol. Let’s just hope he hasn’t made a mess in the bed.

5. Budapest

When people think of wild stag weekends abroad, a stag do in Budapest is never far from the mind. But the reason it doesn’t come as high is because some of the best activities are on the higher price end.

Of course, if you want to shoot guns, it all depends how many rounds you want to fire and how extravagant you want to use.

For a low cost option, the escape rooms in Budapest are a brilliant option, giving everyone in the group one hour to get out of the room. These are also great for bringing the group together, helping everyone to bond and tackle the puzzles as one.

But I wouldn’t do this activity if everyone has already had a drink, the minds will very quickly wonder, you want everyone at full attention, so book this one earlier.

4. Birmingham

Birmingham is host to a large number of unique bars. Why is that important? Well it means you can do most of your activities all in one spot, meaning no travel cost, plus the games tend to be much cheaper than other stag activities. From darts at Boom Battle Bar, to a game of pool or drinks at the Bierkeller Stein time, you’ll love them all!

There is also a Las Iguanas in town where you can stop off for some good priced lunch, while we can arrange a two course meal for everyone, or alternatively a burger and drink at Walkabouts, either is very popular with our groups.

Birmingham offers just a wild night as London, except you’ll pay less for your drinks, access to the club and also for your taxi home afterwards. There are also a number of student bars that sell drinks very cheaply.

3. Bratislava

Europe is home to so many amazing places to party hard all night with your best mates, but finding one that also offers cheap entry into the club and low cost pints can be difficult. Step forward Bratislava.

The area might be increasing in popularity, but it hasn’t been taken over by tourists yet and that also means the prices haven’t shot up yet.

At the last time of checking, a pint of beer in Bratislava cost around £2 for a domestic drink and £3 for an import. That tells me one thing, drink locally to save that cash!

But be aware, it’s against the rules to drink on the streets in Bratislava Old Town, so try to hold temptation and stick to the bars.

2. Chester

Chester isn’t a destination that heavily books up for us, but you can certainly have a cheap night out! The destination offers all the stereotypical activities, from go karting to paintballing, bubble football to clay pigeon shooting, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

You could also spend a day at the races, watch the horses charge along and place a cheeky flutter, see who in the group comes out champion and is buying champagne for everyone.

We can then book you in for entry into Revs, where it turns from a bar to a club as the night goes on, closing at 3am (but make sure to arrive before 11pm if booking with us).

This destination has proven more popular with hen parties, which means you will be surrounded by big groups of women on your night out, so single Dave can go on the pull while you all laugh at his best efforts to chat up everyone in sight.

1. Krakow

Number one for our list of the cheapest stag do locations is Krakow, the Southern Polish city very close to the Czech Republic. This city used to be the capital of Poland before Warsaw took that title, but we would call it the party capital of Poland.

A pint will cost you around £2. You can even get into most strip clubs for about £5-10, which isn’t too shabby.

Public transport is incredibly cheap, while if you decide to opt for a taxi or an Uber instead then that won’t be too pricey.

Popular for a lads holiday away, you will find sports bars everywhere, so you don’t have to worry if you’re there while a big game is on. The nightclubs are very cheap for entry and the drinks won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Compared to London prices for accommodation, it’s about 50% cheaper, which says all you need to hear!


Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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