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Flexible payments!

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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

Winter Stag Do Ideas

06 Nov 2023

Winter Stag Do Ideas

The vast majority of stag weekends take place in the summer months. In fact, a remarkable 83% do, with the rest taking place in spring and autumn. However, 2% of stag weekends take place in that festive period, which brings itself a number of considerations.

If you’re hoping to head somewhere a bit warmer, such as Benidorm, then you need to make sure the big nightclubs are open during the winter months, as some do close down.

Also, many of the outdoor activities aren’t possible to book during the colder months; however we can help out by speaking to the provider and ensuring they can deliver on the activity.

The Best Winter Destinations

The first factor is to consider potential locations for a December stag do, or one during those quieter months. We’ve highlighted a few below that we think you should certainly consider:

Riga Stag Do


As long as you’re willing to embrace the colder weather, Riga is most definitely a brilliant option.

This snowy winter wonderland has some brilliant festive activities, so you can try out some truly unique activities. It will certainly contrast with the stereotypical bachelor party. Riding a bobsleigh with your mates is certainly a truly great story to bring back home.

The prices are also much lower than other places across Europe, while they’re even cheaper in the winter. There will be no queues for the big attractions or restaurants.

The conditions can be quite icy, so make sure none of the plonkers in the group are coming along in shorts. It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised, there is always one that thinks it’s macho to wear virtually nothing, only to shiver the whole night.

Oh, the ‘sexy wake-up call’ might also be a nice surprise for him in the morning!

Benidorm Stag Do


Why embrace the cold? Sometimes it can feel nice to go somewhere a little bit hotter than home, we can’t guarantee a heatwave, but 17 degrees will feel a world of difference when you’ve spent the last couple of months with the central heating on.

In fact, the weather is known to be so good in the winter that many people visit Benidorm to go on a hike or country walks. But for your stag weekend, you can still get on the beach and enter the rooftop bars with a drinks package for the lads.

The most popular stag do activity is go karting, while you can book the track in Benidorm along with a 2 course BBQ and 2 beers per person.

A trip to the casino and a man vs food challenge may also have to make your itinerary on your weekend away.

Bucharest Stag Do


Our newest stag do destination is Bucharest, an area we have been excited about introducing for a number of months, as we saw the interest in the Romanian capital grow.

Romania offers incredible prices, meaning you don’t have to worry about ordering pints all night or ticking off plenty of activities, as it will all fit into everyone’s budget.

Bucharest also offers that ‘wild Eastern Europe’ experience, so expect to fire plenty of guns and see plenty of strippers.

If you’re looking to stay inside away from the cold, you could try the medieval banquet for lunch or dinner, as well as some whiskey tasting. The Bucharest beer bike is a great way to tick off some sightseeing while also getting some beers in you.

You might even want to get a dwarf hire, where they’re handcuffed to the groom, a bizarre addition to your night out.

Tenerife Stag Do


Another warm option like Benidorm, Tenerife might be a Spanish island, but it’s actually located just off the North-western coast of Africa and therefore has a much warmer climate. You can expect 20 degrees between December and February, which will be a nice change!

It also tends to stay dry (most of the time), meaning you don’t have to worry about a downfall ruining your itinerary of activities. The Siam water park doesn’t actually shut for the winter, like many others do, it stays open every day all year round.

You can get some surfing lessons or head for some snorkelling, it will feel like a proper summer holiday with your mates!

The Best Winter Activities

I’ve started by highlighting a few great locations for your December or January stag party, but the activity you want to do should lead where you pick. This is a common tip I provide to people planning their first ever stag do, think about the activity first.

I’ve included a few below that might inspire you with your plans:


Not exactly something you expect to do while on a wild weekend with the lads, this activity will include return transfers to the location, so you don’t have to worry about booking taxis on the day.

The guide will walk you through how to ride the snowmobiles, while everyone in the group will get 30 minutes on the snowmobiles each, while anyone not on at the time will get to chill by the bonfire.

Available in Riga, this activity tends to take up half a day and is a great daytime activity before the drinks start. Imagine telling people you blasted through the snow on these epic machines on your weekend away!


Once again, the best location for this activity is Riga, are you starting to notice a pattern? Book Riga for your winter stag do!

You will get a ski pass for 3 hours, as well as all the equipment you will need hired out to everyone in the group, such as the snowboard and boots. The guide will walk through with everyone how to ride, ideal for both experts and beginners.

This activity once again will include return transfers so you don’t have to worry about taxis. It can also be booked as an indoor alternative in both Amsterdam or Manchester if you want the idea of snowboarding without hitting the slopes.

Brewery Tours

It might be bitterly cold outside, but you can enjoy the warmth and a few tipples on a tour of a brewery, especially if it’s your favourite pint.

This activity can be booked across Europe, with the locations below available:

  • Prague – Staropramen
  • Amsterdam – Heineken
  • Hamburg – brewery tour with dinner
  • Berlin – 45 minute brewery tour and dinner
  • Bratislava – brewery tour & two sample beers each
  • Riga – Latvian brewery tour
  • Liverpool – Craft beer tour experience
  • Munich – beer garden

As a big fan of Czech beers, I can highly recommend Staropramen, while Prague is easily one of the most popular stag do destinations, with plenty of other experiences you can combine in.


For anyone that grew up watching Cool Runnings, this activity will always be tempting! Of course, we’re not talking about you going down an Olympic level course, but both Riga and Budapest have some great options available.

Oh, speaking of, the Riga venue is actually an Olympic standard, so if you do get a good score, then it might be time to join the national team!

You can fit on five people per bobsleigh, while each person in your group will get two rides. As always, we will make sure you have return transfers included, as we see this as a basic necessity to remove any frustration on the day.


Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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