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Brighton – What's all the fuss about?

22 Dec 2008

Brighton – What's all the fuss about?

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You’re thinking about locations, you’ve heard Manchester is supposed to be a great night, but then so is Newcastle and the women wear next to nothing even in the winter. Edinburgh is bustling but a tad far away from you and people keep saying what a great time there is to be had in Brighton. But what’s all the hype about?

If you’ve never been to Brighton, you might be wondering why it’s one of the most demanded places to go for a stag weekend. What’s it got that other places haven’t? Okay, it has a pier and a stone beach but does that make it a hot spot for super swifty stag times? Err, no, but that’s not all Brighton has.

For those who you who have never been, here are some of the reasons that keep our stag groups coming back to Brighton again and again.

It’s on the south coast

Everyone knows that coastal cities have a buzzing night life, Newquay, Bournemouth, Blackpool, all popular for groups looking for an action packed weekend. And being on the south coast means the weather is kinder and if you’re here for summer you will unavoidably get caught up in the buzz of partying that captures the city each year in the warmer months.

It’s also not that far from Gatwick Airport which means if you’ve got people from Manchester or other northern destinations who don’t fancy the drive, you can get some pretty cheap flights and then you’re just a 30 min drive away so it’s the perfect location for a weekend meet up


Anything goes

Brighton attracts settlers from all over the world making it a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, and uniquely it seems to work. It’s a very laid back city and this means if you’re looking for somewhere to go out dressed up and don’t want to get hassle for it, Brighton’s a great place to go. Popular with stag and hen parties the town sees many of them each weekend, but the other great thing about Brighton is if you’re not looking for the kind of party atmosphere where girls are wearing bridal showers and groups of men are dressed as vicars, then there are places you can go to feel like you’re the only stag group in town. Whatever you wear, whatever you do, in Brighton anything goes.


The Nightlife

If you’re going for a stag weekend, it’s not to experience some fine dining and then call it an early night. You’re in for the long haul, you want to experience personal alcohol fuelled carnage and you want to do it in places with the best atmosphere. In Brighton you can take your pick. It’s known for being a centre of evening entertainment and with over 400 pubs you’ll be spoilt for choice, or perhaps you’ll make it your mission to work through them all?

During the summer months there are plenty of festivals on such as the Brighton Fringe Festival which makes the city a great place to be and means there will be a whole range of comedy shows, club events and street festivals to see. It also means you should expect it to get very busy but as we say at The Stag Sompany, the more the merrier right?


Some of the top pubs and clubs in the city are

The Honey Club
Volks Bar and Club
Babylon Lounge
Funky Buddha

Most good clubs can be found clustered together around the seafront which means you don’t have far to go from one to the next and if you really don’t want the night to end you can probably still party on the beach as the sun comes up and it’s time for breakfast.


The activities

What’s available to do in Brighton? For a more detailed description of the packages we can offer give one of our guys a call, but to scratch the tip of the iceberg, come to Brighton and you could be doing any of the following:

4x4 driving
Brighton Race Course
Air Rifle Shooting
Boat Fishing
Clay pigeon shooting
Five a side football
Airsoft combat
Indoor go-karting
Mud Buggies
Quad Biking
Sea Kayaking
Comedy Night

And on and on…believe us you’ll be spoilt for choice


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